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Gold Silver Recycling specializes in recycling silver based and also gold based materials. Silver and Gold are vital parts of industry and technology. Since we do not have an endless supply of silver and gold so silver recycling and gold recycling are very important. Gold Silver Recycling specializes in extracting sliver and gold from all kind of used x-ray films, expired dated x-ray films and also from scrap electronics.

What we recycle:

Some of the sources for Gold Recycling and Silver recycling include:

  • used(exposed) medical x-ray films,
  • expired dated medical x-ray films,
  • used NDT films,
  • expired dated NDT films,
  • used graphic art films,
  • expired dated graphic art films,
  • expired dated dental films,
  • scrap cpus,
  • scrap mobile phone boards,
  • scrap Ram of computer,
  • scrap motherboards,
  • scrap circuit boards.

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Gold Silver Recycling is specialized in the following fields:

Scrap Electronic boards

- scrap cpu
- scrap ram
- scrap cell phone boards
- scrap motherboards

- scrap PCB

Used and Expired x-ray films

- Exposed medical x-ray films
- Outdated medical x-ray films
- Exposed industrial films
- Outdated industrial films
- Exposed lithography films
- Outdated lithography films
- Outdated dental films


Recycling Services

- Silver Coins
- Silver Ore
- Silver Flatware
- Gold Ore


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